Japanese Knot Bag

Japanese knot bag is small open tote bag, but with a twist. It has asymmetrical handles, and one of the handles slips through the other to form a knot and close the bag. The handle could be slightly longer, or up to three times as long when compared to the other handle.

A New Pattern Japanese Knot Bags are bags which have a beautiful shape, due to the bag having only one main strap. It is looped through a short strap on the opposite side which brings the bag top together. Therefore, closure devices are not required. No zippers, buttons or buckles.

Product Material– 100% organic fiber- cotton.

Product utility– Fashion, Tote bag.

Country of origin INDIA

Delivery date– Takes 10-12 working days from the date of purchase.

Additional Information-

  • Handmade with Macramé art.
  • Eco friendly
  • Two colors used dark and light blue ( actual product may slightly vary in color due to different set of devices used to see the image which have different configuration)
  • Handwash separately.
  • Keep away from fire.
  • Size-28cm ( main body),long arm- 32cm, short 28cm.

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Additional information


(81.28 * 71.12) cm


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