How to Determine the Best Shipping Cost For Your Business

We pay utmost attention to the needs of our customer and so have curated a hassle free pan India shipping for our customers.

The usual delivery happens of any product by weight and since its a pre determined entity we include approximate average price in overall cost of our product. Since every customer’s need is different we prefer to send fulfilled orders by INDIA POST by various categories of post sent like “registered post” , “speed post” etc.

The IVR number / consignment number is sent to the customer via message that allows them real time tracking and assurance of their order.

In case of bulk orders or otherwise we may use other delivery companies for sending orders , the consignment number of the order and the site for real time tracking of order is again shared with the customer.

Since we do not have an in built delivery system the delivery time depends purely on the companies (government owned or private) for the accurate and timely delivery and carpe diem organics does not hold any liability/responsibility for the delay or damaged goods delivered, in such cases the delivery company used by carpe diem organics for delivery of products will be held accounted for any damage/ delay of order/orders or technical glitch arising in the real time tracking system.

We are however committed in providing our customers with a prompt completion of their orders and so we dispatch our orders with in 3-4 business days and further it may take 7-8 working days for the delivery of orders (depending on the policies of delivery company used for the same).

Please note the above time line may change( can be shortened or expanded) depending on number of orders at that particular time , transportation curbs enforced by government , other reasons. ( for example if your order is received amidst few pending bulk orders then maximum time taken for dispatch will be 4days otherwise that will be done before ). For bulk orders it depends on the expected dispatch date pre decided at the time of booking by both parties(i.e. customer and carped diem organics),carpe diem organics will still not hold any responsibility for damaged goods/delays arising due to delivery company.

  1. In case of damaged order received by the customer, the customer needs to send a video of unboxing to us on the email at- ” “” within the stipulated time no later than 3days ( Please refer to return and refund policy for the same)
  2. In case of delay in delivery but timely dispatch the customer needs to immediately inform us at “” or drop a message /call us at customer care number mentioned.
  3. In case of delay in delivery and untimely dispatch please speak with the customer care.
  4. In case of any technical glitch arising in the real time tracking system of the delivery company used by carpe diem organics please inform us on the customer care number along with your order and we will help you out.

Carpe diem organics is with in its own right to choose the appropriate delivery company for dispatch of its orders and will not be bound by any other party’s preference, and is well within its right of accepting/rejecting any case of return /cancellation /refund of wrongly delivered/untimely dispatch/ delay in delivery orders.

Please refer to the refund and return policy in case of wrongly delivered products( where customer had asked for some different order but has been delivered something else- in terms of size /color/number/ product on the whole).

Products not delivered due to faulty address provided by the customer itself is not a liable case for asking refund or return in any circumstance.

In case of non delivery of your order for following reasons-

If the order placed has been delivered to someone else due to negligence by carpe diem organics ,the customer can report the same at the customer care and refund is possible of the due amount paid.

If the order comes back to carpe diem organics due to non – receipt of order by the customer for any reason , one more attempt of delivery is possible but with a written request on email by the customer , though it will be sent back to the customer with added shipment charges but will not fall in any of the above category or categories mentioned in refund and return policy . This kind of delay will not fall in any of the above category or category mentioned in return and refund for clamming refund/return or cancellation of products.

Carpe diem organics will liaison with the delivery companies on behalf of customer should there be any issues with the shipment but cannot be held responsible for the actions taken by delivery companies.

We use eco friendly packaging material which is easily biodegradable. Packaging is done keeping in mind the weather and ruggedness of terrain.

We hope to provide with a good shopping experience to our customers.

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