Why choose us?

We started as college graduates with the will to create something of our own for the betterment of society. As we created blueprints after blueprints for several business models and started putting them into action, we realized how far-fetched and pretentious we were in our ideas. Despite claiming that we want to invest ourselves in the development of society, we were subconsciously creating models that would fetch us money and serve those people who are already living a stable life. 


And one fine day, while sipping tea made by a vendor under a tin shade in a small town while it was pouring cats and dogs our purpose revealed itself. The lightning jolted us out of our pretentious lives and filled us with a renewed sense of creating value in society.  We deleted our old models and invested ourselves in researching which strata of society is in front of our eyes yet invisible! The immigrant families who travel long distances to find work only to wrap up their home of few months after the work is done!


So here we are carrying the hope of lakhs of college graduates turned corporates trying to create a difference in the lives of people who matter. We impact the lives of women of poor households which do not have any skilled workers in the family. They not only work at odd hours but are also denied any social benefits of the organized work sector such as maternity leave, daycare, or any concrete training. These benefits coupled with recognition of their talent/skills can truly uplift them from their current condition of working only for a few meals a day to being able to enjoy liberty, gaining the confidence of being socially included, and improving living standards.


Our products are hand-picked keeping in mind the effect our actions have on the environment.


Every product is curated with the purity of love and care. Our value-creators invest days at length to study and research the process of creating a product and then immerse themselves in designing the products and bringing them to life. 


By being a part of our family, as creators, or buyers, or even as admirers you will be doing your part in creating a difference in the world. 


We aim to breathe life in your lives by nurturing our products with kindness and hope for a better future. 



Life at Carpe Diem Organics

We not only strive to be the best known brand for our clients but also wish the same for our employees.

Salary-Carpe Diem Organics- pay scale for our trained workers is Rs. 250 per day which is way above the market rate which brings them to a more comfortable position.

Training-Their training is free of cost and cost of their transportation is provided by us.

Social benefits-We offer social benefits to our permanent workforce as well to improve their social inclusion.

Education -There are various training programs available which helps them to learn more than one craft and also education on relevant topics.

This in turn helps them for strengthen not only their social and cultural inhibitions that may have existed earlier but also helps them to further pass information/education in their family creating a chain of more effective information dissemination.

Creativity- Carpe diem organics gives them the right platform to harness their creativity.

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