Genesis- Knowing Your Roots

Started by two friends, with aim to develop entrepreneurial and artistic skills in young and headstrong girls and ladies in a step towards for more female empowerment from simple places and rural communities for their well beings.
Art and entrepreneurship is the main key to this organization whilst maintaining their ever-loved dedication and commitment towards Environment by using all natural raw material for creating decorous, delectable and multifarious crafts for home décor and other lifestyle purposes for creating humble abode of your dreams.

Carpe diem: as the Latin phrase suggest: Seize the day or make the most out of your present is a beautiful thought to live the best of today instead of your past or present and they chose to make it lovely and elegant through the art of macrame which is French word for knots which is an art of threads without the needles. And this arts takes you back into its vintage timeline of thirteenth century where royal and nobles were obsessed with it and used these adornments in everything, from drapers, hangings, jewelry to even to their underclothes.

In earlier times, people and sailors used their times while travelling in sea or another places in creating artworks, cloths, curtains to be sold, or bartered once they reach their destination for their expenses, and nobles, royals or other oligarchs loved their works and paid them well, which indeed spread this art through all the far away places in the world.

This versatile craftwork required only natural fibers like cotton, jute, hemp, leather or any other yarn which also contributed to its popularity and affordability among general public with its beauty to everything you grace it.

But as there is another phrase in Latin: “Ipsa Historia repetit”: History repeats itself. The art of “macrame” (art of tying knots) and Carpe-Diem (Seize the day/Love the present) has found a popular way again among people of all generations as a very beautiful accent of their life and Carpediem organics is contributing to it along with imparting competence and prowess to communities in eco-friendly manner.



Does Your Good Work Goes Unnoticed?

Well not in this case…

On 8th March 2022, our co founder Ms. Garima Bansal got acknowledgement of her work done so far in helping and uplifting the marginal sections of our society by Rajasthan Government.

She has been working on educating the children who are denied a proper school education free of cost for more than 2years now because of the lifestyle of their parents who have to keep moving in order to earn their livelihood.

Her dream is that they can have basic education so that they can compete for higher level examination and get a school admission on their own.

Her work has been applauded especially in educating women to send their kids to schools , helping the households to earn decent living by providing them training and job opportunity in making handicrafts in cotton and jute.

Having completed her masters in Forensic science from AMITY UNIVERSITY ,she dedicated herself to make her own district a place where people can have education and job opportunities at par with any other well developed cities of INDIA. She is now completing her education in law.

We feel blessed to have this dedicated soul amongst us to guide us in the betterment of our society.

She surely is proving to the world that.

TODAY is your opportunity to build the TOMORROW you want- Ken Poirot

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