Macramé Dream catcher


Macramé Owl Dream catcher

In Native American culture, you may see symbols of the owl and the dreamcatcher combined. Not only is this a visually exciting tattoo option, but also one that is rich in meaning!

The nocturnal bird is often associated with wisdom and knowledge. On the other hand, the dreamcatcher offers protection and can help to block out negative thoughts and bad energy.

Also know as Spider web charm as is quite visible from the dream catcher ring, the Feathers used add a lot of charm. Ideal for gifting purpose on house warming events, wedding gifts, can be used for home and room décor, Balcony décor,

Product Material – Cotton Threads, Beads, Feathers, Dream catcher ring made of metal( 2 in number).

Product Utility– Art, Wall Décor, Dream Catcher, Home décor.

Product Delivery– 7-8 Days ( from the day of order placement)

Country of origin– INDIA


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Additional information

Weight .4 kg

15.24 cm (B), 20.32 cm (L)


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